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Have you ever dined with a dinosaur?

When this years event trends were predicted at the beginning of 2018 dinosaurs were extinct from the list! However, with Walking with Dinosaurs - the $20 million production touring 10 UK cities, the 25th anniversary of the film Jurassic Park being marked and Dippy the dinosaur touring UK museums, public affection for these historic beasts is set to increase. 

The diplodocus dinosaur cast on display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

When I was invited to be amongst the first to see Dippy, the 21.3 metres long, 4.3 metres wide and 4.25 metres high cast of a diplodocus dinosaur, when he arrived in Birmingham on the second leg of his 8 leg "Natural History Adventure" tour, I was pretty excited!

Exhibits from the Discovering Living Dinosaurs Exhibition that runs alongside Dippy On Tour and the tour poster on display outside Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Back in 2014 I was working on a black tie dinner for 500 people at the National History Museum in London, where the dinosaur replica has been housed since 1905. Above all the glitz and glamour of the evening Dippy was the absolute star of the show. The ginormous cast of this historic dinosaur towered above guests heads as they dined in Hintze Hall. For most dinners that I have worked on, tables at the front of the room are in a premium place, however at The Natural History Museum there was a certain prowess in having a seat under the dinosaur! As soon as the dinner was over guests would be looking to book their space the following year to secure their spot!

During my visit to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to welcome Dippy to Birmingham it was clear that I was not the only excited one. As children came through the door their eyes widened and they ran forward exclaiming "Wow!"Memories were being created.  Alexandra Nicholson-Evans - Commercial Director at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, although not scheduled to be working, had come in to see the public reaction. "This is what we do all the other commercial stuff, including dinners etc. for", she said, "so that we can fund our work that creates memories for people"

 Amanda Thurlow at the opening of Dippy on Tour at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Dippy On Tour will be at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery from 26 May - 7 September and tickets are available for free to visit. The museum is also offering drink and dine packages with Dippy. Shared dinners on 7 June and 14 June are available for groups of 10 or more. Exclusive events as either "Jurassic" drinks reception packages or "Cretaceous" dinner and drinks reception packages for up to 100 guests are also available during Dippy's residency in Birmingham.

Dippy will be on tour around the UK until 2020 and would be the perfect dinner guest for organisations with interests in conservation, palaeontology, ornithology, museums or those just looking for a star attraction at an event. If you are an event planner looking for something unique that will capture the heart of your guests you can find details of where Dippy will be heading on his UK tour here

If you are looking to host an event at the Natural History Museum in London and are concerned that you won't have a central attraction to impress your guests don't worry! While Dippy is on Tour a huge blue whale skeleton has taken his place!