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Blue Monday 2021: 5 reasons for UK event planners to feel more positive

Never have event planners needed a bit of Monday motivation more than on blue Monday 2021. Could the day labelled the most depressing day of the year be anymore depressing than when it falls in the middle of a global pandemic?

2020 took the world by storm with the arrival of COVID19 and the event industry was one industry that felt the impact the hardest. Unable to operate, events were cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled and rescheduled again, clients asked questions, to which the answers weren't always known, uncertainty and changing guidelines made the situation tougher and the industry is still left struggling as concerns around the virus increase. Anecdotal stories paint a picture of the devastation as people fight for business survival, to support themselves and their families.

Despite the gloomy outlook there are a few glimmers of hope....

1. The event industry's voice is being heard

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Events are hosting their first evidence session on 18 January with representatives from across the sector speaking. This session will help to give parliamentarians a more detailed understanding of the event sector and is a step in the right direction, helping to make the case for the event industry.

2. Some of the costs of business disruption can now be claimed

Overnight the income of many event professionals was halted. Not all businesses were able to access government support. The complex supply chain of the event industry was unveiled as more businesses failed and the knock on effect was seen. Thankfully though. although it doesn't help everyone, more people can now have financial support as the Supreme Court ruled in favour of insurers paying business interruption claims.

3. Every adult in the UK should be offered the vaccine by September

With more people vaccinated there is hope that people can begin to meet again and the hosting of events will start to be permitted. There is no promise that this will be in September, as the impact of the vaccine is yet unknown. However, by September there should hopefully be a clearer picture and event planners can start making plans for the future again.

4. Event professionals have united to become a closer knit community

Event planners have always had a strong community but with changing daily patterns and lack of social interaction the community has really pulled together. From backing industry led campaigns, to offering advice and support, to championing each others successes and backing each others businesses, the event industry has really stood strong in the face of adversity. These connections can only be positive for the post pandemic recovery of the industry.

5. Space has been created for consideration to the future of events

Pre Covid the debate was around digital OR face to face events but as a result of every corner of the industry having to explore how they can offer their services online and how they can adapt their business, an opportunity to reimagine events has been created. New businesses have cropped up to offer solutions, event planners have had to learn new skills, venues and suppliers have had to reconsider how they operate. Now, as the chaos of the first few months of the pandemic settles, the industry has space to really think how their events can deliver more value, what tools they have at their disposal and what their customers might need. The opportunity to make the industry more resilient and to make it deliver more is actually quite exciting.

Entering 2021 in lockdown three may seem like a step backwards for the event industry but it is so important to recognise the positives. There is no candy coating it, there are still challenges ahead and for any event professionals struggling there is support out there from organisations such as Event Well, the event industry health and wellbeing charity. In the meantime, appreciation should be given to how difficult it has been and how the industry has fought. Value can be taken from the lessons learnt. skills gained and how they can benefit event businesses during the recovery. Take the small wins and never give up hope!

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